On Wednesday a new bar was set in the world of snow sports.  Just after triple corks became the new norm, Billy Morgan of Britain landed what was previously perceived as impossible.  Although back in 1983 Frank Bare pulled off a quad backflip it doesn't match the difficulty of throwing in 5 full spins into those flips.  Now that the bar has been raised, will we see quad corks as the new norm in the future?  We know for sure that there is a definite physical limit on the amount of spins a human can do.  After doing a little bit of digging I found an article published by TransWorld Snowboarding who caught up with Rebecca Thompson, a physicist at the American Physical Society, who crunched some numbers for them (I've attached the link to this post).  Long story short she came to the conclusion that the limit on the number of corks that can be performed by an athlete with 3.1 seconds of air time (Billy Morgan only had 2.9 seconds of air time) would be 6.5 revolutions but obviously since half a revolution isn't possible we can put the magic number at 6.  Will this ever be achieved?  Right now it may seem impossible but thats exactly what we thought before double corks and triple corks were brought to light by JP Walker (2003) and Torstein Horgmo (2011).  Who knows how far the limits will be pushed or how fast our sport will progress, its just extremely exciting to see how far we've come and even more exciting to see how far we'll go.   ~ TheMountCo