After two days in Ohio's Cuyahoga Valley, The Bearded Man hit the road for his 325 mile drive SE to Shenandoah Valley NP in wonderful West Virginia.  He has a spot reserved in Loft Mountain campground atop Big Flat Mountain, where he can park the VW bus, relax and enjoy the beautiful views.  Early Monday, The Bearded man will hit the trails in search of the waterfalls of Big Run Wilderness.  

So far The Bearded Man has received requests from several forest creatures to have their photo taken with him. Among them - Richard the bobcat (leader of the widely feared bobcat gang), Manny the mole (who actually has a mole) and Thin Lips the coyote (no idea where he acquired the name).  Bobby the big brown bat sent his regrets - he claims to have bitten someone from Cleveland last month and has been feeling nauseous ever since.  Get well soon Bobby.